The Glory of College Rock


As today marks the end of the semester, I had the urge to curate a playlist dripping with nostalgia. Enjoy.

The Clash – “Hateful” 


Violent Femmes – “Ugly” (U.K. Single)


The Cure – “All I Want”


The Feelies – “The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness”


Bauhaus – “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”


The Modern Lovers – “Astral Plane”


Devo – “Magnoloid”


Talking Heads – “Swamp”


The Clean – “Anything Could Happen”


The Replacements – “Little Mascara”


The Lemonheads – “Alison’s Starting to Happen”


Pixies – “Gouge Away”


Gun Club – “Sex Beat”


The Au Pairs – “It’s Obvious”


Vivien Goldman – “Launderette”


The Stone Roses – “Fools Gold”


Primal Scream – “Movin On Up”


X – “Your Phones Off the Hook, But You’re Not”

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