Sundays… IX

  Stella Donnelly – “Mechanical Bull”   Beach House – “Master of None”   Margaret Glaspy – “Emotions and Math”   No Vacation – “Mind Fields”   Hazel English – “Love Is Dead”   Palehound – “Molly”   Kevin Morby – “Come To Me Now”   Wilco – “Someone To Lose”Read more

Sundays… VIII (Happy Mothers Day)

Neil Young – “Harvest Moon”   Fleet Foxes – “Fools Errand”   Jonathan Richman – “Vincent Van Gogh”   The Beach Boys – “Heroes and Villians” (SMiLE Sessions)   Diiv – “Bent (Roy’s Song)”   Bill Callahan – “Spring”   Courtney Barnett – “Pickles From the Jar”   Big Thief – “Real Love”    Read more

8 Essential Day Drinking Albums

As hard as being the DJ at the party is, it’s even more difficult to curate a consistent, lengthy playlist that pleases everybody in the crowd. Luckily, you stumbled across eight albums that can be played all day and night. Grateful Dead – Cornell 5/8/77 (Live)   It’s no secret that the Dead is, quite possibly, the best summer time band. As decades pass, their music grows wiser, more colorful, and somehow, even more genuine. It’s sun splashed jam rock that was born years beforeRead more

Sundays… VII

Mac Demarco – “A Wolf Who Wears Sheep’s Clothes”   Hoops – “Rules”   Tourist Dollars – “Horse Girl”   The Shacks – “Orchids”   Phosphorescent – “Sun, Arise! (An Invocation, An Introduction)”   Cosmo Pyke – “Social Sites”   Bedroom – “Nothing Lasts”   No Vacation – “Draem Girl”   Blonde Tongues – “Hey Good Lookin”   Japanese Breakfast – “Heft”Read more

The Glory of College Rock

As today marks the end of the semester, I had the urge to curate a playlist dripping with nostalgia. Enjoy. The Clash – “Hateful”    Violent Femmes – “Ugly” (U.K. Single)   The Cure – “All I Want”   The Feelies – “The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness”   Bauhaus – “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”   The Modern Lovers – “Astral Plane”   Devo – “Magnoloid”   Talking Heads – “Swamp”   The Clean – “Anything Could Happen”   The ReplacementsRead more

Beach Fossils – “Down the Line”

Since their 2013 flop Clash the Truth, Beach Fossils have been laying pretty low. Besides their contribution to the politically aimed Our First 100 Days, “Silver Tongue”, their name has been absent from the the mix of Internet ruckus and chit chat. A couple of tracks from their upcoming album Somersault have appeared online, but lack any hype-worthy praise. This may be for a good reason. After their first two albums, Beach Fossils and What A Pleasure EP,  Beach Fossils had settled comfortably in the nest of indie darlings. ButRead more