Right Band, Wrong Time: The Forgotten Beauty of Radial Spangle

Once upon a time, there was a band who called themselves Radial Spangle. Born in Norman, Oklahoma, came forth one of the most (un)important bands to date. Radial Spangle was founded by ex-Flaming Lips drummer Richard English, alongside April Tippens and Alan Laird. Radial Spangle came about in a scene where boy/girl harmonies and outrageous pedals fit the norm. Their sound resembled that of their older brothers and sisters such as Sonic Youth and Mercury Rev, but where Sonic YouthRead more

Slowdive – Sugar for the Pill

Twenty-two years after releasing their last album Pygmalion, English shoe-gazers Slowdive return quietly with the easy-listen “Sugar for the Pill”. “Sugar for the Pill” picks up right where they left off, with an obvious post-millennium touch.  “Sugar” captivates their signature dream-pop guitars, but includes heavier bass lines and background synths that have been skipped out on their previous releases. Much like 90’s shoe-gaze rivals My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive return to the twenty-first century with nostalgia drenched sounds that take youRead more

Album Review | Kelly Lee Owens – Kelly Lee Owens

Not since the release of Kevin Morby’s brilliant 2016 release Singing Saw have I studied a record as thoroughly as Kelly Lee Owens. One moment it’s bright and glimmering, the next it’s a cryptic spell that leaves me feeling rather defenseless. It’s exuberant, and absolutely fascinating. The second you begin to listen, you board an alien-like spaceship that travels to a galaxy of inducing vocals, lush ambience, and extravagant neo-hipster club bangers. Although slapping genres onto this release seems rather elementary, the heavyRead more

Album Review | Mount Eerie – A Crow Looked At Me

“Death is real, someone’s there, and then they’re not”, echoes the beginning of Mount Eerie’s latest and long awaited album since his wife’s passing in July of 2016. As somberness sets the tone from the start, this is the first time Phil Elverum sounds even more depressed than his early 2000s work as The Microphones. I’ve been anticipating this album for a while, and assumed that it would put me in a strange place mentally, as does most of Elverum’sRead more

Playlist | Sundays… I

As most people such as myself feel an extreme sense of loathing for Sundays, it has often been thought what could cure that universal sense of “Sunday blues”. From here on out, every Sunday until I run out of music to post (which will never happen), I will be posting a “Sundays…” playlist. Tune in next Sunday for a playlist that should certainly fulfill your “Sunday blues”.Read more

Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Pt. 4

  Today could possibly be the most wonderful day of the year, and I’m not talking about this god-like weather. I’m talking about Kendrick Lamar’s latest god-like track, entitled “The Heart Pt. 4”. “The Heart Pt. 4” is an intricate four part single that solidified Kendrick as the “greatest rapper alive”. Although those words might hyperbolize Kendrick’s current solid state in the rap game, remember: these are his words, not mine. The topic has been discussed intensely amongst music obsessivesRead more

Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz (Sprit House)

2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russel Hobbs are back with a 6 minute short film, and brought along some indie hip-hop darlings as well. What begins as an incredibly well animated cartoon, Gorillaz bust in at the 2:30 minute mark, busting galactic beats, smooth, customary Albarn hooks, and tripped out flows from Jamaican artist Popcaan. At first, the track sounds as if it’s something straight out of a college day-drinking playbook, but as it continues, it wraps you in, forcingRead more